Chesapeake Voyagers, Inc.

Wellness & Recovery Center

What we have to offer…


  • Information on Addiction and Mental Health Related Conditions and local resources

  • One on One Peer Support... Talk to someone with the same or similar lived experience as you

  • Support Groups such as Emotions Anonymous and Overcoming Depression & Anxiety, ACOA (Adult Children of Alcoholics), Trauma Resiliency, Mindfullness, Practicing Positivity.... Check out this month's calendar for the most up to date information

  • Social Activities, Games, Arts & Crafts

  • Internet equipped computers with printer/copier access

  • Special Events

**Everything we offer is free of charge, no referal or insurance 


Peer Support Specialist are available by phone during our open hours by 

calling 410-822-1601 or toll free 877-817-8951